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Team Members

Guilherme Cotliarenko

profesor gui

Professor Guilherme Cotliarenko (Prof. “Gi”) started his Jiu Jitsu journey while living in his native Porto Alegre, Rio Grande de Sol, Brasil. Prior to discovering the gentle art, he studied Capoeira for over four years and surfed at every opportunity. Once introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Guilherme quickly decided to focus his energy. He achieved his blue belt and won one Muay Thai and two MMA fights he entered before traveling to California to compete in the IBJJF World Championships in 2009. After the competition, Gracie Barra Black Belt Professor Ulpiano Malachias welcomed him to stay in the United States. Here Professor Gui was awarded his purple belt, started training for more MMA fights, and began his career as a Gracie Barra instructor.

Professor Guilherme has since achieved his First Degree Black Belt, been awarded by Master Carlos Gracie, Jr in 2016, and taught hundreds of children and adults at Gracie Barra schools in Southern California and Texas. He loves spreading his vast knowledge of this beloved martial art and helping his students achieve their personal goals on and off the mats. He also still surfs at local breaks every chance that he gets!

Professor Gui has Gracie Barra to thank for more than just his career in Jiu Jitsu! He met his now wife, Anya, at Gracie Barra Headquarters in Irvine while both prepared to compete at the IBJJF Pan Championships. She is a veterinarian and works for the United States Department of Agriculture in the Los Angeles area. They married in 2014 and still love training together! The Cotliarenkos recently welcomed their first child, Enzo, and are excited for him to enjoy the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle in the future.

Christina Gonzales (Coach)

Christina Gonzalez

Purple Belt

Coach Christina started Jiu Jitsu in October 2011 under Professor Tom Reusing of Gracie Barra. Throughout the last 4 years, she has consistently trained and actively competed while working at Gracie Barra Academies to help others achieve success. Her first experience with martial arts was with a very traditional Japanese style karate, shorin-ryu, which she practiced for 14 years. It was there Coach Christina realized her passion for not only teaching youth, but also being a role model. Her dedication and love for Jiu Jitsu is unprecedented and has a positive impact on those around her.

Notable BJJ Accomplishments:

2013 Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championships– Blue Belt – Silver Medalist

2013 World Jiu Jitsu Championships– Blue Belt – Bronze Medalist

2013 American Nationals – Blue Belt – Bronze Medalist

2013 Long Beach International Open – Blue Belt – Silver Medalist

2014 Las Vegas Summer International Championships – Purple Belt – Gold Medalist

2014 Las Vegas Fall International Championships – Purple Belt – Gold Medalist

2015 Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championships – Purple Belt – Bronze Medalist

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